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The focus of this web site are the theraphosid spiders of the American continent and the Caribbean. The tarantulas of the Theraphosidae family are among the oldest inhabitants of the animal kingdom. Almost 900 species have been described to date and many species are still awaiting discovery.

In the last decades, the classification of the Theraphosidae family has seen many changes concerning the acceptance and application of new taxonomic features, especially the shape of spermatheca in females, the shape and structures of male palpal bulb and the type of urticating hairs. These changes bring about the synomization of genera and species and also needed revisions and comparative analysis. Regarding the systematic classification, specialists often discuss the justification or the lack of it in case of some distinguishing features, i.e. whether they are or they are not distinctive and significant for the taxon in question. Present specialists unfortunately inherited incomplete descriptions of species included in the system of taxonomy conforming to the time in which the system was created. We often find descriptions of species based only on an individual of one gender, being immature or with no listed habitation.

The main goal for this site is to disseminate useful information and provide a place for communication exchange for amateur arachnologists and arachnological societies world-wide which are interested in the study of theraphosid spiders found in the Americas. Apart from articles, discussions and commentaries, the website will offer useful hyperlinks for the web pages of foreign institutions, societies and individuals focusing on the study of theraphosids, as well as updated taxonomical classification to the level of subfamilies including a brief commentary on the changes which have occurred in the taxonomic system. With time, the web site should contain a key for classification of American theraphosid spiders into genera. The web pages also includes photo archives. The photos are published only with the permission from their owners. Although the administrator will keep up with taxonomic changes, scientific names change constantly and may not always be immediately reflected on this website.














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